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Who We Are

SAPPHIRE LOGISTICS PLC (SLP) is established on 2014 in Ethiopia by Visionary persons with the intention to provide modern and improved Logistics service. Ethiopia is in one of the fastest developing country in the world; because of that the country need modern Logistic service.SLP specializes in total logistics requirements and services, related to your business. As a customer, you know that competing in the Global market, takes more than just the Logistics service. This is where we can help you.SLP ensures delivery of your products to the Right Place, at the Right Time and at the Right Price.....which makes all the difference.

Staff Members
Completed Operation

● Our vision is to be a number one Logistic company and best of in freight forwarding, and transportation.


● To find and deliver simple, affordable and high quality Logistic service to the importer and exporter.
● To support and be a part of the Logistic service transformation process planned by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE).
● To satisfy our customers’ to the fullest of their needs.
● To assist Logistic service to start to apply improved the service in practices.


● Satisfying our customers values profitably.
● Professionalism and inspiration to deliver quality service.
● Customer is a King and always right.